Our Forging Style

In general, two kinds of damascus steel have to be distinguished: decorative and functional damascus steel.
Decorative damascus steel is primarily crafted to produce beautiful, distinctive patterns. It is softer, easier to process but consequently lacks durability and is thus not suited for blades.

We focus on functional, high performance damascus steel. It requires special skill to combine performance and aesthetics of the blade without compromising either one of these two distinct qualities.
For our steel we exclusively make use of premium tool steel in order to guarantee a basic carbon concentration that constitutes the basis for the blade’s durability.
Nevertheless, for both types the damask steel’s texture that differs for every blade is crucial. Unlike a layman would assume, the texture does not result from superficial processes such as embossing or engraving but is the laid open effect of the many foldings and forging layers. In this way, every blade acquires its unique “look”.

The individual texture cannot be removed neither by grinding nor by polishing. Much on the contrary, by grinding, polishing and subsequent etching in strong acid the pattern unveils its full splendor. Depending on the manufacturing process many patterns can be created. But every blade is one-of-a-kind.