We live in fast moving, short-winded times. Sooner rather than later, cheap is sexy. But quality takes time. However, disposable, cheap products dominate our markets. Only few people call for durable, substantial and top-quality craftsmanship.

Our utmost values are the appreciation of quality, the respect for materials as well as the individual customer service, all aiming at creating supreme one-of-a-kind products. When crafting a custom knife the blacksmith adapts the blade’s hardness and stability to its final use to achieve the optimal performance for its purpose. The customer individually chooses his or her material for the knife’s handle. As a result, we create a special relationship between the knife an its owner who appreciates it as a decorative as well as functional tool. Needless to say, that we no longer use knives and swords to protect ourselves. Nevertheless, the fascination remains, while the areas of employment for damascus steel have simply adapted to modern life.
As passionate knives craftsmen, again and again we enjoy the moment when our customers’ eyes begin to shine when looking at a damask steel blade.

Luca Distler & Florian Pichler